“A hot and exciting day” on June 13, 2004      


Confidence, encouragement and great performance are the highlights of the recent exam which was held in Tsui Lam Sports Centre on June 13. Students and instructors from different areas gathered together to meet new friends, to share their tips on examination and to cheer up each other as a team. It was a real exciting and stimulating day for us as it showed how much effort we made in the last few months or years. Every student hoped their hard training given in this period would be paid off. When the exam time arrived, we set off with a positive mind and carried on until the end.

As a whole, many of us showed great performances including attacks, breaking techniques and not to mention the boxing. Actually, the promotion tests took by the black belt and the brown-black belts were stunning. One of brown-black belt student finished all the breakings at only one time for each technique. While another brown-black belt showed an even more great surprise by the incompatibly powerful strength with his age. The breaking of pine boards by his jump over sidekick caught the crowd most attention and of course killing many films. The breaking of concrete blocks by the black belt student was another dazzling performance. Having not letting down by the frustration of the breaking of pine boards, he cracked down all the concrete blocks at the first time. It was a real manifest of the great power and skills as well as the encouragement by other fellows. As time passed, we soon went into the break session in which some students took a rest and some were doing stretching exercises as the hard time was coming immediately.

The evening was the apex of the day as the boxing match started off. After wearing all the equipments, students went out accordingly to fight with their opponents. During the fights, some tried out new tricks based on the old ones, some were calm initially but turned out to be irritative, some really knew each other so mind game might be a good choice, some were the aggressive types in the old days but now grow up to the restrained types, some were “controlled-contact” while some were “full-contact”. As you enjoyed in the fight, you would find it exciting, entertaining, exhilarating, and breathtaking. From the eyes of the students involved in the boxing, they were all confident and competitive which remind us the “Boxing Competition 2004” is forth coming and since the response to the event is so overwhelming that it is promised to be the most memorable event of the year. To me, I just can’t wait to see the athletes’ great show.

Finally, all in all, many students had pretty good performances and some of them were very impressive in this exam but due to the limited space, we cannot list them all out here. For those who are interested in the most up-to-date information regarding the recent exam should check out our website without any hesitation. And in closing, we must be here to express our sincere thanks to all the referees and instructors for all their technical supports and outstanding efforts to make this exam so successful. We’d also like to recognize and give thanks to Master Lin for his dedicated contributions and insights in maintaining the high standard of the practical defensive system among associations.

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